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Sales & Marketing

Most markets are flooded with products and services.  Potential buyers endure an endless bombardment through every conceivable medium promoting these products and services.  Everything is price driven.  Even the best product or service can get lost in the haze.  

Long-term buyers are looking for solutions that help them meet their goals.

Do you offer a solution?  LPG helps you identify your solution based on the products and/or services you offer.  This will allow you to differentiate yourself in a crowded market.

Does you solution have a story?  This story must be aligned with your company’s culture.  Buy-in from your organization is crucial to support the solutions you offer.

In order to identify your market solution, LPG will tap into internal and external resources:

  • Who are your current clients?
  • Who else my need your solutions? 
  • What diffenrtiates your solutions from the competition? 
  • Who specifically should you target within your potential clients?
  • How should your product /service be positioned?
The information gathered will serve as a base for developing marketing and advertising plans that produce results.

Whether your marketplace is your local neighborhood, the city or the world, marketing provides the foundation for growth and stability.  Achieving success takes planning and execution.

To have a successful business you must have profitable sales. Part of the process requires standards to increase and find more sales.  Having the right person (s) in place who want to help and serve other people is vital to growth.  Training is a vital aspect in the growth of a company.  The training must be on going and practiced on a regular base.  Each sales person must master the presentation and have a complete understanding of the value of the solutions, products and services offered by your company. They should understand the company’s expectations and know the acceptable standards.

Selling refers to the process of solving problems or needs that a customer has through the use of your products and services. The process is to help the customer by providing the education needed to make an intelligent buying decision about your products or services.  This way they understand how your solution will benefit them.

Whether your marketplace is your local neighborhood, the city or the world, marketing provides the foundation for growth and stability.  Business success must be the stated goal of the business owner.  Achieving success takes planning and execution.

Lead Generation

This is where the rubber meets the road.  The new economy demands quantifiable, measurable results.  We will look at every medium possible-advertising, direct mail, trade shows and others to generate highly qualified leads for your sales team, while building brand equity in your marketplace. 
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